Our Motto

knowledge with Faith and Integrity

Our Mission Statement

To develop an individual who is morally upright with quality education.

and our vision

To become the center of academic excellence with good morals in Zambia.

For the poor and needy

"Help foster education for the poor and needy children in zambia" "Invest in our future and support our youth and their education today" "Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today " MALCOM X

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lets invest into FUTURE YOUTHS

These are the children that will make our communities thrive. Community support is essential for us to educate our poor and needy youths for their better future outcomes. Please give generously. Learning in the primary school helps us to become inquiring , knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world.


"Leave a legacy and sponsor a child"s education today"

"Invest in our youth and their education."

These children are our future country's lawyers,accountants, doctors, teachers, nurses etc.


Dawaah Department during the distribution of food hampers

Latest news

MIST Dawaah Department

30th April

Muslim families from the surrounding communities collecting the Ramadan Food Hampers. (...)

Makeni Islamic Society Trust

25 April

By the grace of Allah we have started our Ramadan and we wish everyone a happy fasting full of Allah's Blessings.

Makeni Islamic Society Trust

23rd MARCH

We regret the closure of schools as announced by the Government due to the world wide CORONA virus outbreak. Opening will be communicated..

Makeni College of Education.


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MIST Primary and Secondary Schools have opened only for the exam classes which include grades 7, 9 and 12. This comes after the Governmnent's announcement for the reopening. As Makeni Islamic Society we urge our learner and the Teachers to keep observing the necessary measures against COVID 19



Let us ensure that we wash our hands with soap and water provided at every entrance of our buildings within the society premises or we use hand sanitzer provided in all the offices. We should also ensure that we have our facial masks on. Let us also observe social distancing when ever necessary.

Enjoy term two!



All upcoming program and changes will be updated in dew course.

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