The ISLAMIYAT department is solely responsoble for all islamic studies in the school. Islamiyat had a number of programs to ensure that Islamic knowledge is empacted into our learners. Our learners come from different wakes of the society and Islam bings them together as one.

The programs offered are:

  1. Quran Studies, which includes HIFZ and NAZRAH
  2. Qaidah

  3. Tas'heel which is a series of grades.
  4. Strengthening fraternal bond and brotherly relations among Muslims.

ISLAMIYAT Department also caters for outstations, reaching out to learners outside out Makeni Islamic Society vicinity. We have Madrassa and Imamat as well as adult classes. The outpost areas that we reach out to are:

  1. Livingstone
  2. Mazabika, covering three areas, Neganega, Lubombo and Nakambala
  3. Kabwe Area, covering Liteta and Lyalema.




    Learners in the computer lab

    Learners during a computer lab session. Our primary school is equiped with a computer lab where our learners do their technology studies.