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MAKENI ISLAMIC SOCIETY TRUST was established in 1972 with one building which served as a Madrassa and for daily Salaat as there was no masjid that time. There was also seven (7) staff housesfor some essential workers. In 1996, the building was turned into a Teacher's College accomodating First Primary Teacher's College in Zambia. This brilliant idea was suggested by SHEIKH ABDULKARIM KHEIRRY, a Sudanese seconded to MIST by IQRAA CHARITABLE FOUNDATION an Islamic Organisation based in Saudi Arabia.


This first Islamic Teacher's College in Zambia was founded in 1996 to supplement Government effort. Intially the college was a two year Zambia Basic Education Teacher's Diploma Course (ZATEC) approved programme and graduated over three hundred (300) Muslim Teachers under this programme.

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Makeni Islamic Society Trust is a Non-profit making, Non-governmental and Religious organisation established in 1972. It is duly and fully registered under the societies Act Chapter 119 of the Laws of Zambia. Makeni Islamic Society Trust was established to provide a wide range of services aimed at elevating the status of humanity through its well-articulated objectives as follows:

  1. To promote, encourage, protect and propagate Islamic activities in pursuance of
  2. Islam as a complete way of life.

  3. The fostering and encouragement of the spirit of Islamic brotherhood and the unity
  4. of the ummah.

  5. The inculcation of Islamic ethics and honesty, fair play and justice as integral parts
  6. of its faith and code of conduct.

  7. Strengthening fraternal bond and brotherly relations among Muslims.
  8. Promoting friendly relations and understanding between Muslims.
  9. To carry out religious, social, civic, charitable, literary, athletic, scientific
  10. research and other Islamic activities.

  11. To promote Islamic and academic education by establishing nursery schools,
  12. primary schools, secondary schools, vocational training centres, hostels, madrassas

    and institutions of higher education.

  13. To assist the poor and needy by establishing a Zakaat and welfare fund.
  14. To provide scholarships and bursaries to students and scholars for the
  15. purpose of acquiring or furtherance of any education.


The Trust has well established and fully fledged departments mandated to actualise the alluded to services.

1- Masjid - Da’wah - Schools.

2- MIST Nursery/Primary/Secondary School.

3- Iqra Academy Secondary.

4- Vocational Training College.

5- College of Education.

6- Clinic.

7- Madrassah.


Our Clinic is accredited by the Ministry of Health. It was established in 1982 and its an out patient type clinic offering services such as:
  1. Antenatal
  2. Under Five Clinic
  3. Laboratory Services
  4. Average number of patients per day: 40 (1125 per month)

    antenatal program antenatal program

    Mothers and babies being attended to during antenatal program.