MIST has established the first Muslim College in the region providing both Deeni Talem and Secular education.

Zambia’s national requirement for teachers approaches 1,500 (One thousand five hundred) per annum. MIST Teacher Training College has to date graduated in excess of 300 teachers since it’s inception in 1996, just scratching the surface of helping to meet the nations need for well trained educators.

The college offers a full spectrum of Computer Courses, Tailoring, Home Economics, Electrical, Electronics, Plumbing, Bricklaying and Metal Fabrication.

The VCT runs two parallel programs; one section follows the goverment – approved syllabi and examinations, and the other, conducted by Muslim sisters from the neighbourhood, aims at empowering the less fortunate Muslim women so they become self sufficient. The latter program has proven to be a tremendous success in its formative year owing to the life skills it imparts.

There are also special programes aimed at empowering less fortunate Muslims and the Youth.

The College is affiliated with the University of Zambia (UNZA) and School of Education with complete approval from the Zambian Ministry of Education.

Improved availability of resources will assist in enhancing the project.


Makeni College of Education – Background
Makeni College of Education
Makeni College of Education – Diploma Graduation Ceremony