An intergrated system is followed where Zambian Government syllabus along side Islamic studies are taught. We teach Quran, Islamic Knowledge, and the Arabic language.

When the pupils reach grade seven, the students write an external government examination.

Successful candidates advance to junior secondary school and in grade nine they write Government of the Republic of Zambia examinations. The pupils write ‘O’ level examinations in grade twelve and the graduates progress to tertiary education.

The Society has an intergrated education system and follows the syllabus of Jamiatul Ulama-Gauteng for Islamic Studies.

Over the last 10 years our achievement at Grade 7, 9 and 12 National Examintationa are among the top schools in Zambia.

98% of our pupils come from poor economic backgrounds and are sponsored from Zakaat funds.

The school has a production unit where various vegetables are grown. These are sold to members of staff and the public and also help in feeding the boarding class.

In 2009 a pilot class of 30 pupils aged between 9 and 12 years were started. There children are accomodated in the society hostel. They were enrolled in grade 5. These children are all Muslims, recruited from the 9 provinces in Zambia. During the 8 years, they will be trained and educated to achieve knowledge of Islam and complaince with the Islamic teachings in thier behavior together with the academic excellence.

The school has a Computer library which allows our pupils access to ICT resources at an early age.